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Meet Richard Landry, Woodworker

Richard Landry has great respect for nature and all it's inhabitants, beginning with his deep Cajun roots found in his birthplace, Louisiana. He moved to Georgia when he was eleven but his thirst for nature never wavered. It's no wonder that his love of nature has brought him to working with wood today.

   Richard's work in the medical field for over thirty years has blessed him with a tremendous respect for life. It taught him most was that everyday is a gift to be treasured and enjoyed.

   Woodworking was something Richard always wanted to do but it took a turn when, on a whim, he took a series of wood turning classes. That led to viewing a number of uTube videos and hours of self-taught honing his craft. When you find something you love to do it just comes natural, as woodworking did for Richard. It is also a relaxing retreat from his very taxing medical career.

   Twenty-six years ago, Richard married Georgette, and they share two beautiful grown daughters. They both love animals and have seven rescue dachshunds. In his spare time Richard loves cooking, being with his family, and playing golf. He has always had a passion for history and is pretty much, a walking historian.

   But Richard's happy place is in his workshop. Whether he is creating a pen from exotic wood, a farm style table or  bench, he puts all of his heart, mind and soul into it. He won't build anything that is not the best quality of workman ship. With Georgette as his business partner, they make a great team.



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